Stakeholder Consultations for Digital Dialogues with Ghana, Kenya and South Africa

Online; 13:00-15:00 (CEST)

The International Digital Dialogues are a multi-stakeholder initiative of the German Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport (BMDV) and its partner ministries. Germany plans to start bilateral Digital Dialogues with three partner countries in Africa by 2025: Ghana, Kenya and South Africa. The aim of the dialogues is to shape better framework conditions for the digital transformation through exchange and cooperation. The Digital Dialogues provide a platform to bring together policy makers, regulators and stakeholders from business, academia and civil society. The regular consultation of stakeholders ensures that political approaches and solutions for the digital transformation meet current needs and make economic sense.

Therefore, BMDV cordially invites interested stakeholders to the virtual stakeholder consultation for the Digital Dialogues with Ghana, Kenya and South Africa. The event will take place on Thursday, 31 August 2023 from 13:00 to 15:00 (CEST) in English.

During the session, you will be informed about the current status of the dialogues as well as digital policy developments in the three countries. You will have the opportunity to contribute your key issues and priorities and share current challenges as well as ideas for projects or activities for the coming year. Your input will feed directly into the government dialogues.

We look forward to exchanging ideas with you!




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