First Brazilian Stakeholder Consultations for the Digital Dialogue


On 16 and 17 November 2022, the Brazilian Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MCTI) held the first consultations with Brazilian stakeholders of the German-Brazilian Digital Dialogue. Stakeholders from the private sector, civil society and academia attended the event. It was structured into three thematic sessions: Web 3.0 and Quantum Computing, Digital Health and Twin Transition.

The stakeholder consultations were divided into three thematic sessions. © Digital Dialogues-GIZ

MCTI’s partner in the Digital Dialogue, the German Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport (BMDV), conducts yearly stakeholder consultations with German stakeholders. To also increase the engagement of Brazilian stakeholders in the dialogue, MCTI held the first Brazilian Stakeholder Consultations. The contributions of stakeholders from both countries will be considered in the preparation of the new biannual Work Plan of the Digital Dialogue.

The Brazilian consultations took place in a hybrid format at MCTI’s premises in Brasília. It was an opportunity for the participants to provide input on different topics for the Work Plan. MCTI also aimed to identify emerging trends and discuss potential activities that can be implemented under the framework of the Digital Dialogue.

First session: Web 3.0 & Quantum Computing

The sessions were opened by the General Coordinator of Digital Transformation at MCTI, Eliana Emediato.

According to Emediato, Web 3.0 and Quantum Computing hold great innovative potential. The technologies can promote the traceability of supply chains, cryptocurrency and network interoperability. She believes that the debate around them will increase in the upcoming years.

The stakeholders highlighted various challenges for the development of these technologies in Brazil, such as the issue of cybersecurity, insufficient public investment in research and development and the lack of adequate infrastructure for connectivity and data processing. Participants also expressed concerns about the need to regulate these technologies at this stage, as their stage of development is still in its infancy.

Second session: Digital Health

The stakeholders made clear that both the private and public health sectors are interested in the development of e-health in Brazil. Public sector representatives see the challenge that staff are not sufficiently trained to integrate digital solutions into health services.

Participants cited the lack of interoperability between public and private data systems as the main challenge to the expansion of digital health in Brazil. Some solutions and approaches were discussed, including the establishment of public-private cooperation agreements and the monitoring of debates around data spaces in the European Union.

Third session: Twin Transition

Emediato stressed that the discussions around the twin transition (green and digital transition) in international fora have increased in the last years. This creates a favourable scenario for the inclusion of the topic in the German-Brazilian Digital Dialogue.

The stakeholders agreed that the twin transition will grow in relevance and significantly impact small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

The main subtopics mentioned by the stakeholders were the use of digital solutions for monitoring natural resources, the development of green fuels and energy as well as the reduction of carbon emissions. The possibility of connecting the agendas of the twin transition and the green economy was also mentioned by the stakeholders.

The topics and issues addressed by the Brazilian stakeholders will be further discussed during the German stakeholder consultations on 24 January 2023. There, BMDV can also assess the interest of the German stakeholders in the topics.

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