Panel discussion about data spaces in the aviation sector


On 23 April, the Secretariat for the Brazilian-German Digital Dialogue and the EU-Brazil Digital Dialogue participated in the panel discussion “Aviation data spaces: The importance of promoting interoperability in the aviation sector”. It took place at the Digital Week of the Brazilian National Agency for Civil Aviation (ANAC). The panel highlighted the importance of data spaces for secure, trustworthy and interoperable data sharing.

The Digital Week of ANAC took place from 22 to 26 April in Brasília. © ANAC

Digital transformation in the public sector is not only about using digital technology, but also about redefining processes and making public services more efficient and accessible. The Brazilian National Agency for Civil Aviation (ANAC) aims to promote data interoperability to make the regulation of the aviation sector more efficient. At their Digital Week, a conference focused on ANAC's digital transformation, the agency presented its new digital strategy and hosted exchanges on how to use data.

The fundamental role of data interoperability

Fernando Mitkiewicz, Superintendent of Information Technology at ANAC, opened and moderated the panel “Aviation data space: The importance of promoting interoperability in the aviation sector”. Michael Schäfer, Managing Director at the Mobility Data Space funded by BMDV, explained that interoperability is a key success factor for breaking down data silos and for creating an ecosystem where data owners can easily share their data with third parties.

Johannes Klingberg from the Secretariat for the Digital Dialogues also took part in the panel. He highlighted that the lack of trustworthy data sharing infrastructure causes companies to share only 2 percent of their data. To improve this, data spaces are a useful tool. They provide a trustworthy infrastructure for sharing data across different sectors – by allowing their users to agree on common standards and share their data in a protected and neutral space.

Renan Gaya, Director of the Public Data Infrastructure Department at the Brazilian Secretariat for Digital Government, illustrated how a free flow of data across different public agencies can reduce implementation costs of digital public services and creates greater transparency for citizens.

Clear frameworks and rules are needed

Marco Porto, Manager of Marketing Monitoring at ANAC, used ANAC's digitalisation process as an example to explain the vital role of data sharing. By simplifying data sharing processes, ANAC was able to significantly reduce the time needed to process information, which ultimately enabled the agency to provide services to the aviation sector faster.

Finally, the participants also discussed how to address the challenges related to data spaces – how to ensure data sovereignty and security, how to further improve interoperability and how to comply with different regulatory frameworks. They agreed that effective governance frameworks and conflict resolution mechanisms between data producers and consumers will be essential to maintain trust in data sharing and foster collaboration.

Watch the recording of the session here:

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