Public consultation for the next broadband bidding in Mexico


In early January 2023, the Federal Telecommunications Institute (IFT) published a notice for the opening of a public consultation. The goal is to gather information and proposals for the design and preparation of the next public tender. The result will be the granting of concessions for the use and commercial exploitation of frequency bands of the radio spectrum, available for the provision of wireless access services.

The consultation on the next broadband bidding is open to the public. © Denny Müller

Next generation networks such as 5G will support and facilitate many digital applications – for example, remote medical services, virtual and augmented reality, industry automation and machine communication. Therefore, the Mexican government promotes the deployment of new generation networks.

In the public consultation, IFT poses the question, among others, whether the next tender should only include available spectrum in the 600 MHz, L-Band and 3.3 GHz bands, or additionally also available radio spectrum segments in the 2.5 GHz, AWS, PCS, 800 MHz and 850 MHz bands.

The consultative process

IFT's public consultation has two major objectives:

  • Gathering information, opinions and options that allow for the design and planning of the bases for the corresponding tender
  • Evaluating the different allocation mechanisms contemplated by the institute to select one that that provides the maximum benefit to society

Any individual or legal entity may participate in the consultation. IFT has made the participation form available on the official website. You can also find further information there. The public consultation will end on 3 February 2023.

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