Stakeholder consultation for Digital Dialogues with Ghana, Kenya and South Africa


The German Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport (BMDV) held its first stakeholder consultation for the planned Digital Dialogues with Ghana, Kenya and South Africa on 31 August. Representatives from business, academia and civil society took part in the virtual event to contribute their focus topics for the Digital Dialogues.

The stakeholder consultation took place in an online format. © Digital Dialogues-GIZ

The stakeholder consultation aimed to foster the exchange between BMDV and German stakeholders from business, academia and civil society on the three countries. Around 50 participants exchanged views on current and desired framework conditions for digital transformation and cooperation with Ghana, Kenya and South Africa.

At the beginning, representatives of the German embassies in the countries gave an overview of digital policy and digital economy developments in the countries. The stakeholders then had the opportunity to contribute their priorities.

Potentials of the digital transformation in Ghana

The representative of the German Embassy in Ghana highlighted that the digital transformation in Ghana creates significant opportunities, but also challenges. Among the important developments in recent years are the spread of mobile money, the introduction of a digital multifunctional identity card and the provision of digital public services. In addition, the number of tech start-ups in Ghana is growing. However, digital infrastructure, cybersecurity and aspects of inclusion and sustainability are in need of development.

The discussion indicated that Ghana has great potential for a successful digital future. According to the stakeholders, overcoming the aforementioned challenges is crucial for sustainable growth in this area. The German-Ghanaian Digital Dialogue would offer the opportunity to discuss challenges bilaterally and exchange best practices.

Cooperation on digital standards with Kenya

According to the representative of the German Embassy in Kenya, the country is not only striving to be a pioneer in digital transformation regionally, but also on a continental and global level. In the field of digital governance, Kenya is at the forefront in East Africa. It could be interesting for the Kenyan government to cooperate with Germany on digital standards and data protection.

The participants shared further topics in the round that could be discussed in the German-Kenyan Digital Dialogue. Among others, they mentioned the digital transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises as well as start-ups, working conditions on digital platforms or in data processing for AI applications, the use of digital technologies in the agricultural sector and the promotion of sustainability. New supply chains and data protection laws were also highlighted as important topics for the Digital Dialogue between Kenya and Germany.

Topics for the multi-stakeholder dialogue with South Africa

South Africa is considered a pioneer of digitalisation in sub-Saharan Africa. Digitalisation is an important driver of economic growth and job creation there. The country also has a strong civil society that promotes fair and inclusive digitalisation. Challenges in South Africa include digital infrastructure, connecting rural areas to the internet and energy scarcity.

Stakeholders see potential for German-South African cooperation in the development of standards for new technologies such as AI, the exchange between regulators, the promotion of start-ups, the creation of inclusive access to digital technologies and data use for urban infrastructure.

The initiation of the new Digital Dialogues

The stakeholder consultation on Digital Dialogues with Ghana, Kenya and South Africa marks an important step in Germany's digital policy cooperation with the three countries.

Germany plans to establish the bilateral Digital Dialogues with Ghana, Kenya and South Africa by 2025. The aim is to improve the framework conditions for the digital transformation together and at eye level. In addition to the exchange between governments, the Digital Dialogues offer a multi-stakeholder platform. The inclusion of various stakeholders ensures that political approaches correspond to current needs and priorities.

The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) supports the stakeholder engagement in the Digital Dialogues on behalf of BMDV. You can send your thematic priorities or feedback to the Secretariat for the International Digital Dialogues at any time (

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