Indonesia is an important strategic partner for Germany. It is the largest single market in South-East Asia. The Indonesian and German economies are closely interconnected and both countries share a common interest in facilitating the digital transformation of the economy.

The Indonesian government is pursuing ambitious goals in digitalisation with the digital economy as the key to Indonesia’s economic strength. Indonesia has a growing and innovative digital economy: It includes established corporations as well as a very dynamic start-up scene. Digital-savvy consumers and a well-developed ecosystem allow numerous young digital businesses to thrive in the country.

Benjamin Brake (BMDV) and Usman Kansong (MCI). © Digital Dialogues-GIZ

In 2021, the Indonesian Ministry of Communications and Informatics (MCI) published a "Digital Roadmap" for 2021-2024 as a strategic guide for the country's digital transformation. The roadmap is being implemented in four areas: Digital Society, Digital Infrastructure, Digital Economy and Digital Administration.

In 2022, the German Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport (BMDV) and MCI agreed on a continuous exchange on matters of digital policy and digital transformation. The aim of both sides is to make the opportunities afforded by digitalisation available to everyone and thus contribute to a sustainable economic development.

In 2023, both ministries signed a Joint Declaration of Intent to establish the Indonesian-German Digital Dialogue. The first Annual Meeting took place in April 2023 at Hannover Messe, Germany. BMDV and MCI agreed on a Work Plan 2023-2024 with the following key topics: (1) Digital policy and strategy, (2) Digital and emerging technologies and (3) Digital business opportunities and models.

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