Mexico and Germany share a common interest in facilitating the digital transformation. In 2018, the Mexican-German Digital Dialogue was established. It is led by the German Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport (BMDV) and the Mexican Secretariat of Economy (SE).

While the Mexican National Digital Strategy aims to strengthen e-government and enable country-wide internet access and IT-applications, the Sectoral Programme for the Economy (PROSECO) as promoted by the SE aims to promote innovation and digitalisation of productive sectors, and to stimulate domestic and foreign investment.

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As is the case in Germany, Mexico aims to strengthen internet governance mechanisms for an open and inclusive internet, for network interoperability and to increase the safety and security of internet users and data businesses. The Mexican Government will further optimise network connections and improve flexible data integration and data protection services.

Internationally, Mexico was for example highly engaged in the UN Internet Governance Forum 2021 with a "Lightning Talk" on data governance in Mexico. The ITU recognised the Telecommunications Information Bank (BIT) of the Mexican Federal Telecommunications Institute (IFT) as the most complete databank offered by any regulatory authority in the world in 2016.

A work plan for the bilateral Digital Dialogue is currently in the making. It will focus on three main pillars: (1) Innovation and technology transfer, (2) Data policy, and (3) Emerging technologies and Industrie 4.0.



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